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Knit Purl Knit Purl … argh! January 3, 2010

Posted by misscraftyfingers in Crafts, Knitting.

I’ve been trying out knitting for the past few days …..
just the basics … cast on, knit stitch & purl …. I’m currently practicing the stockinette stitch … and in the process, hopefully the bit I’m working on now can gradually become a scarf. hahaha.

I just want to say ……
KNITTING IS SO HARDDDDDDDDDDDDDD….. and it’s confusing …… there are so many different kind of needles ……………. big eye needles, double ended needles, circular needles …… I am using circular wooden needles now .. i bought for $2 from Daiso. 😛 Unraveling when you made a mistake in knitting is SOOOOOOOOOOO HARDDDDDDDDDDD and confusing ………….. the first/last stitch always gets me … I just don’t know how it should look like …. and I can’t find any videos to teach me. 😦

aslo, when I knit, omg, my arms (right up to my shoulders) will go numb ……. wtf right? when I crochet, only the area below my thumb will hurt (especially on my left hand) and I just gotta rest for a while. But knitting numbs me! It actually scares me.  I’d stop and walk around and exercise abit to get my blood flowing again.

I just wonder how many people have the same problem as me when they knit … 😐 if there are people who actually read my blog 😛 , please do share your experiences!

thank you! 🙂



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