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Pleated Crochet Bag – Part 2 (Completed!) January 13, 2010

Posted by misscraftyfingers in Crafts, Crochet.
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finally! the lining and zipper for my pleated crochet bag is done 😀

it was a bitch to sew the zipper onto the lining. i read a few tutorials online and improvised a little. my workmanship could be better, but i guess practice makes perfect. it was my first time sewing on a zip anyway. 😛

the lining and zipper were sewn using machine and the whole thing was hand sewn onto the crocheted work itself. my handsewing skills need more practice too. hehe. i usually sew better if i’m making the bag for others. if it’s my own, i usually do not care so much. LMAO 😛

here’s my work!

machine sewn lining …. double sided 😛 the crocheted bag was done in double crochet so if i used the flower lining, it may show through the stitches. so i used a dark blue lining on the other side 😀

attached zipper & lining! tough work!

The bag with a zipper! 😀

It is so roomy! i can put all my stuff and more!

now i can go sleep and have happy dreams! 😛


1. Cathy Kennedy - March 6, 2013

How can I get the pattern for the pleated bag .

misscraftyfingers - April 1, 2013
2. yaya - June 7, 2013

hi, I loooove the way you line this bag. Can you explain how you line this bag? Did you add more inches for the seam allowances of every sides for the zipper to make it looked like this? I need your enlightment, thanks in advance.. 🙂

misscraftyfingers - June 13, 2013

Hi, thanks! Honestly, I can’t remember how I lined it because it was so long ago … I kinda just winged it and it worked somehow. I lined the straps first, then the inside of the bag. The shape of the lining inside I cut a piece of cloth the shape of the bag when it’s crocheted without the strap part yet. Then when the crocheting is complete, fit the lining in, you will have to pinch & sew some ducts to make it fit. The straps are straight forward, just 2 pieces of rectangular cloth. the zipper portion went in last. http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7297/9028601101_3b166127e2_c.jpg

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