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New Toy! February 21, 2010

Posted by misscraftyfingers in Crafts, Equipment, Sewing.
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OHAI! Guess what I bought yesterday?

a New Sewing Machine!!!!!!TADAH!!

It’s a Brother BM3600. Initially I had my eyes on a cheaper model (Brother’s BM 2600). However, when I got the sales lady to do a demo on how to sew a button hole with the BM 2600, it looked too complicated to me. LOL. Then the lady (she looks so motherly :P) told me if i want an automated buttonholer, I should get the BM 3600 instead. It can even sew buttons on! So in the end, I did!

The machine has 35 different kind of stitches, auto bobbin winder, needle threader, auto bobbin … overall a very easy machine to use and really compact! It fits onto my tiny ikea table comfortably next to my pc (with a 22 inch monitor… I do all my cutting on the floor 😛 cuz i just do not have space for a large table :(). It came with the regular presser foot, a zipper foot, button holer foot, button sewing foot, darning plate, extra spool pin, screwdriver, 1 twin needle, 1 pack of regular single needles, and 4 bobbins. I got an extra foot for sewing rolled up seams (dunno the actual term), an extra pack of regular needles and a pack of denim needles. It’s super easy to use! The only thing I don’t like about the machine is the colour … it’s pink …………………………… I’m not a pink person :\ …. the BM 2600 is purple .. I much preferred that but no auto-buttonholer. 😦 OH WELLLLL!

I’ve already made 2 items with the new machine! 😀

This is made from the Buttercup bag from “Made by Rae”. The bag made from the free pattern is alittle too small though. 😦

I also came up with this …. no pattern …. just winged it haha. A roll up pouch thing to contain all my makeup brushes! 😀 hehe

My mom said this makeup brushes roll up is nice! She said the colour combi is nice. 😀

I wonder if I made it properly with better fabrics, would anyone want to buy? lololol. 😀

I’m happy with my new machine! YAY!

p/s: it replaces my mom’s old sewing machine. I always thought it was a Singer (look at the old manual foot pedal) but apparently it’s a Shanghai Flying Man 😛 I think she had an old Singer, but it spoilt and she got this to replace the singer. My mom used to be a seamstress when she was younger.

This is a trusty old machine that served us well. My mom will continue to use it because she doesn’t think my new toy is great. LOL.


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2. Jac Ting Lim - July 27, 2011

I bought the exact same model! I’m now going to use the zipper foot for the first time so I Googled around and stumbled onto your website 😀 I bought mine in Vivo City 😀

misscraftyfingers - September 22, 2011

cool! bet you’ll have lots of fun with it! 🙂

3. peaches - October 5, 2011

does your button hole foot even work? mine does not, i have followed an abundant amount of Youtube Video’s on how to work it followed the instruction manual word for word oer and over and it just keeps sewing in one spot wont move around to shape the button hole. extremely dissapointed with mine.

Eve - October 11, 2011

do you remember to pull down the metal thingy on the left because i always do. Did you receive a dvd with your machine?

misscraftyfingers - October 15, 2011

pull down? you mean the thing for threading the needle? yes i got a dvd with my machine.

misscraftyfingers - October 15, 2011

mine works. did you view the dvd that came along with the machine? it should work.

4. Julie - October 7, 2011

Hi 🙂
How are you liking your machine a year after purchase? I am a total beginner and have the choice between only the following 4 models:
XL 3750
BM 3600
BM 2700
LS 30
And have nooo idea! Would love to hear your comments! 🙂

misscraftyfingers - October 15, 2011

my machine is doing great still except for the fact that it doesn’t shirr. 😦 but for a basic machine, i think it’s fine.

5. Julie - October 7, 2011

Btw…I only have thoses choices as I live in Panama and there aren’t a gazillion other choices 😦

6. jam - April 19, 2012

Hey ….. was searching for BM 2600 on google and landed up on ur page … .
am planning to buy bm2600…. would like to know your views …. is the bm 3600 better than 2600 ? ?

7. lee - April 23, 2012

may i know how much did u bought this??

8. Umshamsa - April 20, 2016


Can you explain how I make straight line ??

because when I do it become loose

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