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cute yarn pom poms! March 20, 2010

Posted by misscraftyfingers in Crafts, Stuff.
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I started making yarn pom poms last night and now I can’t stop. LMAO

I don’t know what to do with them yet though, just can’t stop making! 😛

I craft in my bedroom, so I’ve been cutting the pompoms here. There’s yarn fibres all over and I think if I don’t vacuum before I go to bed, I will be coughing up fur balls tomorrow. 😛


1. Liana Morgens - April 20, 2010

I need about 200 brown pompoms about 1″ to 1.25″. Can you tell me how long it takes to make each pom pom? Is it reasonable for me to think I can make this many? I want to make them for a comforter for my daughter.

I saw a package of brown pom poms online, but they looked more like a ball of fuzz instead of a pom pom made of yarn. I like that blue one you show on the right (next to the greenish-aqua one). Is that chenille? Also, can you tell me what yarns you used for the two brown ones shown?

Finally, how do you make them? They are really cute. Thank you.

misscraftyfingers - April 21, 2010

Hi Liana!

hmmm each pom pom probably takes less than 5 minutes to make. It may take longer if you take time to trim the yarn evenly.
I used this method: http://belladia.typepad.com/bella_dia/2006/03/post_1.html … But there are other methods available too. Just google for the words how to make a yarn pom pom. If you have time & patience, of course you can make 200 pom poms. LOL. Although pom pom comforter…. hmmm .. wouldn’t it be hard to wash? Yarn pom poms are tied in the middle with a piece of yarn only, so I’m thinking the yarn pieces will fall out if you attempt to wash them.

I’m not sure of the name of the yarn for the blue pom pom . I’ll have to check it when I’m home. The brown ones are 20% acrylic & 80% mohair I think. I like how they turned out the most because they are the softest. 🙂

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