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Fun with my new glue gun = new denim hemp coasters April 2, 2010

Posted by misscraftyfingers in Crafts, Recycle, Tutorial.

I saw these hemp coarding coasters on Make It and Love It and because I just bought my new toy, a $5 glue gun & a roll of hemp string from the $2 shop. :D, I gave it a try.

I didn’t make it with cork though, I made it with left over denim from my piano bench booties project. 😀

pics were taken with my mobile phone camera, so they’re not the best. 😛

1. Cut out the denim in a circle. I used a CD to trace the shape.

2. Serge or use the zig zag stitch for the edges of the denim circle.

3. Glue the hemp string with the hot glue gun, starting from the edges to the centre.

4. Repeat step 3. (ie. 2 layers of hemp .. it’ll make the coaster sturdy) and you’re done!

The hemp becomes the bottom while the denim’s the top of the coaster. 😛 The denim will absorb the water from condensation, which is what I really need.

And this allowed me to practice my glue-gunning skills. LOL. Fast & fun project! 😀


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