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Ball Clasp Frame Clutch Bag April 11, 2010

Posted by misscraftyfingers in Crafts, Sewing.
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I saw this tutorial at Craft Passion the other day and fell in love with the bag she made. So I decided to try making one myself and I made this today. 😀

I didn’t have a pattern but saw the pieces she had done up and I drew my own. As usual, I’m not good with measurements so I estimated everything. 😛

I think the clutch bag turned out ok but measurements can be improved. 😛 I think I’ll try it again. 🙂


1. Craft Passion - April 11, 2010

You did it perfectly well done!!!! OMG, I wouldn’t know that you estimated the measurement by looking at the purse you have done… It is so nicely fitted in the frame… GOOD JOB!!!

misscraftyfingers - April 11, 2010

hehe. thanks to your tutorial & compliments! 😀 can’t compare to your beautiful bags though. I’ll try this again though until I’m finally happy. 😛

2. urban craft - April 17, 2010

nice, I have been wanting to make a little clip snap bag like this. Oddly enough it reminds me of the ones that were made to hold a pack of cigarettes like those cool older ladies used to have. They don’t sell those anymore at the stores.

misscraftyfingers - April 19, 2010

thanks! you should totally make one of your own! 😀 handmade is always cooler! I have a small clasp frame but it’s the type that is clamped , not sewn on. I want to make a little coin purse or something .. gotta wait till I’m in the mood again though. LOL

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