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Pattern for Crochet Version of Ribbed “Lace” Bolero June 15, 2010

Posted by misscraftyfingers in Crafts, Crochet, Free Pattern, Tutorial, Tutorials.
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I got a couple of request for the pattern of my crocheted version of the ribbed lace bolero, so here it is.

This is a really easy crochet pattern, inspired from the knitted version here. And it’s not really lace, it’s more like mesh. 😛


Anyway, first of all, measurements. This is based on the description from the knitted version. It’s the same logic as the knit version, so credit’s not mine.

Measure your shoulder span. Add 4 inches for each sleeve. So, if my shoulder span is 17 inches, I add 8 inches to it, which brings about a total of 25 inches.This will be the width of the bolero.

Next, measure your upper arm. Mine measures 12.5 inch. Add 6.5 inch to this measurement. This will be be the length of the bolero, which is 19 inches.

After that, you will have to calculate the number of chains required to start this project.

You will need to chain in multiples of 4 + 2 chain.

So, if for example, my gauge is 4 stitches per inch. My shoulder measurement is a total of 25 inches. So, (25 x 4) + 2 = 102. I will need to chain 102 to start.

If my gauge is 6 stitches per inch, this is how I calculate: 25 x 6 =150. However, 150 is not a multiple of 4, that is, you cannot divide it by 4 and get a whole number. The closest number to 150 divisible by 4 to get a whole number is either 148  or 152. So,  in this case, I’d go with 148 + 2. I like my shrug snug rather than loose. 🙂


Ch = Chain
SC = Single Crochet
DC = Double Crochet
FPDC = Front Post Double Crochet
BPDC = Back Post Double Crochet

Start of Pattern:

Chain __. (the total # of stitches calculated as per your measurements. Mine’s 102)

Ribbed Row 1: SC into the 2nd chain from hook. SC in the bar of each chain till the end. Ch 3, turn. (This Ch 3 will be your first double crochet).
(SC into the bar of the chain will allow you to have a even finish on both ends of your shrug)

Ribbed Row 2: BPDC into the 2nd SC post. * FPDC into the next 2 SC post. BPDC into the next 2 SC bars.* Repeat from * to * till end. You should end with a BPDC stitch at the end. Ch 3, turn.

The last stitch on the just finished row was a BPDC. When you turn, it will become a BPDC. So, on the new row, you will have to start with a FPDC.

(The ribbing is created with 2 BPDC, 2 FPDC, repeat till end. or 2 FPDC followed by 2 BPDC till end .. depending on which side your crocheting on)

Ribbed Row 3: FPDC into the 2nd post. *BPDC into next 2 posts, followed by FPDC into next 2 posts*. Repeat * to * till end.

Repeat Rows 2 and 3 until the ribbed rows reach about 3 inches, it’s time to start with the body of the shrug.

Body Rows:

Ch 3 at the end of the last ribbed stitch. DC into the top of the 2nd stitch from chain 3. *Ch 2. skip 2 stitches. DC into the next 2 stiches.* Repeat * to * till end. Ch 3, turn. Repeat body row till desired length minus 3 inches is achieved. Ch 1, turn.

Finishing Ribbed Rows:

Finishing Ribbed Row 1: SC into next stitch from chain 1. *2 SC into the space of the chain 2 in the previous row. 1 SC into the top of the next 2 stitches.* Repeat * to * till end.

Finishing Ribbed Row 2: Here you have to check your stitches on the ribbed rows in the beginning. If the corresponding stitch on the other end is a BPDC, then you should start this row with BPDC (or vice versa). So looking at the pictures, row 2 should be done in BPDC into 2nd post of sc, followed by FPDC into next 2 sc posts and BPDC into next 2 sc posts. Repeat till end.

Finishing Ribbed Row 3: This will follow the logic of the beginning rows. Repeat Finishing Ribbed Rows 2-3 till you reach 3 inches of the finishing ribbed rows.

When you’re done, your work should look like this (kinda, this is a miniature version :P)

Fold the ribbed rows ends towards each other. Sew up the matched ribbed rows on each side. This will create the  armholes and sleeves of the shrug. (You can sew up the ribbed rows with the ends of your yarn or you can weave in the ends and sew with a matching thread. Whichever way that works for you. :D)

I used about 1 2/3 skein of yarn.  The yarn I used was Sirdar’s Wash ‘n’ Wear Double Crepe Dk, fyi. 🙂
The specs of the yarn are:
Blend: 55% Acrylic, 45% Nylon
Ball weight: 100g
Yardage: 270m/296y
I used a 4.25mm, G hook. I didn’t do a gauge but I just measured on my shrug. It’s about 6 stitches per inch across and 3 double crochet rows per inch tall (if that makes sense to you).

I hope the pattern and my explanation makes sense. Let me know if you need clarification or spot a mistake.

Depending on your size, especially if you’re big like me, it’s gonna take a while to crochet this because it’s gonna be a BIG PIECE OF CLOTH by the time you’re done. 😛 If you’re tiny, then I guess you will be able to finish it fast!

The bolero will look like this. You can wear it with the ribbed rows folded or not!

Sorry the pictures aren’t great. I really don’t know how some of the popular crafters take the pictures for their tutorials. I don’t have a tripod nor an awesome camera. It’s so hard to take pics when you’re actually doing the do. 😛

I’d really love comments! And if you do make this bolero, please let me know! I would love to see it! 😀

Have fun making your bolero!

Note: Although the design for this shrug is not entirely original, the crochet pattern is written by me.  It is free (like the knitted original) and should never be for sale. Therefore, do not duplicate for commercial purposes. You may use this pattern for personal use only. Thank you.


1. mimi - June 15, 2010

Thank you very much for the very clear instructions! I’ll try this soon as I finish my other project 🙂

misscraftyfingers - June 16, 2010

thanks mimi. 🙂 hope to check out your shrug when you do make it!

2. Cynthia - June 27, 2010

I can’t wait to try this pattern. I can knit, but I like to crochet. Thanks for doing all the math and stuff for the rest of us!!

misscraftyfingers - June 28, 2010

You’re welcome! :):)

3. Cynthia - September 21, 2010

This is pretty! I am the type to be creative and come up with my own pattern. I do have a question. I am new to making patterns so where you mentioned “Measure your shoulder span. Add 4 inches for each sleeve. So, if my shoulder span is 17 inches, I add 8 inches to it, which brings about a total of 25 inches.This will be the width of the bolero, which is 19 inches”, where did you get 19 inches from? Wouldn’t it be 25 inches if your shoulders plus sleeves are 25 inches? Maybe this is a typo? Thanks!

misscraftyfingers - September 21, 2010

you’re right. it’s a typo. 😛 thanks for highlighting that! I’ll change it right away 😀

4. Claire - October 13, 2010

This is great — more of a formula than a pattern, so any kind of yarn could be used. 😀 And it’s got a phototutorial, too! Thanks so much. I’ll be making this for sure.

misscraftyfingers - October 14, 2010

hehe, thank you. look forward to see your shrug! 🙂

5. Diana - November 28, 2010

LOve this, can’t wait to try this pattern!!!

misscraftyfingers - November 28, 2010

thank you 😀 glad you like it!

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7. villanelle - January 25, 2011

How do you measure shoulder span?
This is nice for making the ribbing as you go, instead of a separate part at the end.
And the self measurement is a good idea too. Seems like a lot of people used your measurements and are saying it comes out too big. They should have measured themselves and calculated the number of chains.

misscraftyfingers - January 25, 2011

measure from one shoulder to the other. haha. here’s an example.
To be honest, I think it depends on the type of yarn used. The yarn i used is not the stretchy sort so it doesn’t expand after wearing or washing. I kinda wish it does though. mine is a tad too fitting, some people may like that. Some pple may like it larger.

8. SHELSA - February 15, 2011

I made it!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s beautiful, thank you very much!! I don’t know how to post a pix, it looks great!

misscraftyfingers - February 15, 2011

that’s great! would you like to email a pic of your bolero? I can post it up for you. 🙂 so glad you like it! 🙂

9. Annie - April 10, 2011

Just made one out of sparky white yarn with a G6 (4.00mm) hook. Very cute and it worked up so quickly! What a great pattern 😀

misscraftyfingers - April 11, 2011

thank you! glad you like it! :):)

10. marscreations - April 13, 2011

this is aweosme ❤
after reading this i have though of several of my own patterns this makes me feel so crative and i think that when ur craft flows through other people that is the real art. and u look so pretty in it as well

11. Lindsay Sawyer - July 10, 2011

“Next, measure your upper arm. Mine measures 12.5 inch. Add 6.5 inch to this measurement. This will be be the length of the bolero, which is 19 inches.”

This part confused me a bit – what kind of upper arm measurements? Around it? How long it is to the elbow? Just wanted to clarify… the pattern is otherwise great and I can’t wait to make it! 🙂 The pictures are great too.

misscraftyfingers - July 14, 2011

Hi! you can refer to this page : http://www.transprism.com/measurements.html#illustration .. I am referring to J: Around Upper Arm – Around the largest part of upper arm (bicep).

Hope this helps!

12. DebbieCrochet - July 18, 2011

how many chains do you make before you crochet the next row?

misscraftyfingers - July 18, 2011

Hi Debbie, you will have to use the formula I stated in the beginning to work out how many chains. it depends on your shoulder width and your gauge.

13. dreamer - September 13, 2011

This is great! i gotta try it! 🙂 wish me luck! 🙂

misscraftyfingers - September 22, 2011

haha, good luck! 🙂

14. Kath - September 20, 2011

Hello, just wanted to say thank you for the pattern. I made a lilac one for my sister in law last week and it turned out perfect (well the seams weren’t so great but that’s because I suck at seaming!).

I was worried to begin with because the first ribbed rows did not seem long enough but once it all came together the sizing was spot on.

Thank you for the very clear instructions! 😀

misscraftyfingers - September 22, 2011

You’re very welcome! glad it worked out for you!

15. mnimm45@gmail.com - September 26, 2011

Hi I’m planning on starting a website and selling things I make. I wanted to clarify that I can’t sell these shrugs. I love them so much but I respect your wishes

misscraftyfingers - September 26, 2011

Yeah, i’d prefer if it’s not for sale for your personal benefit. Unless it’s for a charitable purpose, then i’d say go for it.

16. louise - October 27, 2011

Hi, your bolero looks really pretty!
I am a beginner to crochet and have so far just tried practising the beginning bit (front and back post double crochet) starting with ten chains.
I am just a bit confused – if you initially do one BPDC, then 2 FPDC, 2 BPDC, 2 FPDC and 2 BPDC – then I understand how you would get what is represented in your second photo – i.e. BPDC, FPDC, FPDC, BPDC, BPDC …
However, I don’t understand how you get to what is represented in the third photo – i.e. FPDC, FPDC, BPDC, BPDC … and ending with FPDC, FPDC. Because from my understanding you would have an odd/single BPDC or FPDC on one end of each row, depending on which side you’re looking at it from (which seems to be what you have in the fourth photo) …
I would really appreciate it if you could clarify this for me!!
Thank you!

misscraftyfingers - January 5, 2012

Hi! This is because the chain 3 (before turning) on the last row will be the first BPDC for your next row.

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18. mariah - March 15, 2012

Can’t wait to start one for my stepdaughter’s birthday. I applaud your pattern writing. While I can adapt a pattern up or down sizes or alter it to suit my liking, I can not write a pattern to go along with it. I can barely knit and get frustrated when I see hella cute knitting patterns, how long did it take you to figure out a crocheting alternative for your shrug?

19. Rachel Thompson - June 12, 2012

I really want to try this ,, im currently working on my rainbow scarf but im sure I can bump this up to my next project 🙂 😉

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21. Tamara - June 18, 2012

Love the look of this shrug – so much that I included it on a roundup of summer shrugs on my blog this morning!

22. Louise Steyn - September 1, 2012

Well,,, let me tell you this! You have saved my life with this bolero pattern! Thank you thank you!

23. marie - September 17, 2012

Hi, when you say 1: SC into next stitch from chain 1. *2 SC into the space of the chain 2 in the previous row. 1 SC into the top of the next 2 stitches.* Repeat * to * till end. Is this one sc in one chain, then two in same chain, or is it just sc all the way along. If it is two in on chain. Why the increse. Thanks

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25. katie hagler - December 1, 2012

How many yards of yarn did you use to make this?

misscraftyfingers - December 7, 2012

It’s been so long that I can’t recall. But the yarn I used was Sirdar Wash ‘n’ Wear Double Crepe DK and I think I used about 1.5 skeins. Per skein is 296 yards (271 meters) and it’s not a stretchy yarn.

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27. debra - May 6, 2013

quick question, with your measurements the length is 19 inches. does that mean the body is 13 inches plus 3 on each end of ribbing? or 19 plus 6 for ribbing for a total of 25? thanks!

misscraftyfingers - August 31, 2017

wow sorry. it’s been too long. my brain can’t process the math right now.

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29. Sarah - November 23, 2013

This has been up a while, don’t know if you’ll see this-

I’m confused- are we supposed to end our ribbing row with one or two BPDC? It just says we end with “a BPDC” which is a bit unclear.

I have 3 stitches per inch, need 30 inches, so do I start with ch 90? (88 being closest to 90, plus the 2).

misscraftyfingers - August 31, 2017

sorry! it’s been a while since I last logged on and my brain can’t process the math right now. LOL

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31. Lee Ann CrochetGottaLoveIt - April 12, 2014

Many thanks for posting this crochet version of this shrug. I love this!!!

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33. artbymandymeow - October 7, 2015

This looks awesome. Am definitely going to give it a go!

34. Sheila - June 18, 2017

Hi there! I just thought I would let you know that someone has stolen your photo and is claiming that he made it. If you’d like further information I will provide it but I see the last comment here is 2 years old so I’m not sure if you still check in or not.

misscraftyfingers - August 31, 2017

Hi there. indeed I haven’t logged on for a long time and thanks for the info! I guess it really doesn’t matter … my website is free anyway and I’m not making money from it. It’s more of a knowledge sharing place. The person who stole the photo and claiming credit for my work has only his/her own conscience to answer to. The one upstairs know. #namaste. 🙂

35. Uttara Tripathy - August 4, 2017

Hi!I like this very much. I’m going to start it for my grand daughter Thank you very much for explaining so clearly. Uttara Tripathy ,4th August 2017

misscraftyfingers - August 31, 2017

You’re very welcome! 🙂

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37. resources - October 23, 2019


Pattern for Crochet Version of Ribbed “Lace” Bolero | Miss Crafty Fingers

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