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Pure genius! August 30, 2010

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This guy Adam Saaks is friggin’ awesome. He cuts Ed Hardy tshirts and weave them into masterpieces. Pure genius!

I so want to go home and cut up a tshirt now. lol

How to make your own pressed apple juice at home August 29, 2010

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Apples are good for you. But sometimes, I find it tiring to munch on the apple. 😛 So I prefer apple juice. I LOVE apple juice. 😀 Whether it’s apple juice from fruit juicer or pressed juice from apples (the ones that are sold in bottles or juice boxes). Apple juice made using a fruit juicer is a no brainer. Pop a fresh apple in and out comes the juice. Yummy. I also like pressed juice from apples … but the ones that are sold in bottles and juice boxes usually made from concentrate with sugar and preservatives added.

Today, I will teach you how to make your own pressed apple juice at home. Yup, the golden-brown juice pressed from apples, all natural! I discovered this method totally by accident. Many years ago, I wanted to eat a fuji apple but it was not cold. I prefer my apples cold when I eat them. So I popped the fuji apple into the freezer thinking that I will take it out soon. Then I went on my merry ways doing other stuff and totally forgot about my apple in the freezer.

My apple got frozen. T_T sniff. I wasted a perfectly good fuji apple … or did I? When the apple thawed, the fruit became soft. I poked at the skin and juice flowed out. OoOoOoO!  So I squished it through a strainer and voila! That was how I discovered how to make my own pressed apple juice at home! 😀

What you’ll need:
1. Apples (ripe and not so crunchy …. especially those you bought but didn’t eat them in time and they lost their crunch)
2. Muslin bag
3. Strainer
4. Container for juice


  • Freeze apples in freezer.
  • Thaw the apples at room temperature or overnight in refrigerator.
  • If you thaw it at room temperature, make sure you start pressing the juice out of the apples as soon as they are thawed. Otherwise, the apples will go bad. So, thawing in the fridge may be a better idea.
  • When apples are completely thawed, wash them.
  • Get ready your strainer, muslin bag and container for the apple juice.
  • Use your fingers to massage the apples. Make sure you wash your hands clean with soap before this! The apples will be soft and squishy.
  • Juice will start flowing out once the skin is broken.
  • Use your hands to press on the soft apple pulp to get the juice out.  You can pop the apple pulp into a muslin bag to help the straining process.
  • Once all the juice are pressed out, strain the juice through the strainer again to remove any pulp or seeds.

and there you go! Your very own pressed apple juice at home. It’s sweet like the ones you buy in a juice box but you know it’s ALL NATURAL!

The pressed apple juice can be kept in the fridge for a couple of days.

Note: This process of making pressed apple juice can be quite messy. 😛 I only make this when I have A LOT of apples at home and not enough time to eat them before they turn too ripe. Also, you can probably use this method to get pear juice too! 🙂

1 large fuji apple would probably yield a small glass of juice enough for a child. If you have a kid, this would be great because then he/she can have 100% all natural apple juice for breakfast. 😀

Have fun pressing apple juice! :):)

I wish the day is longer … August 29, 2010

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Time is so precious.

Between work, family, social life .. it’s hard to have multiple hobbies. lol.

Crocheting, knitting, sewing, piano, guitar, watching TV and playing kol & stupid fb games … I want to do everything everyday …….

I …. just …do ….  not …. have ….  enough … time …..

I wish the day is longer ……

owell …..

Amazingly talented Japanese little pianist! August 26, 2010

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Amazingly talented Japanese little pianist! She played this at age 5.

Chopin Waltz at 8. Amazing. I played this when I was grade 7 at about age 14 or 15. LOL.

There are a whole lot more videos on youtube. Go check it out!

If I have a kid, I would like my kid to be like this! lol.

Wire Bow Pendant with chain necklace August 11, 2010

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Last night, I made a new piece of “jewellery”. There are no jewels per se. 😛 It was inspired by a necklace I saw someone wear somewhere. It looked something like this …

But of course, I can’t afford the diamonds and stuff …. so ….

here’s my craft wire bow pendant with chain necklace. 😀

It’s really quite easy. I will do a tutorial of it when I get a camera tripod! 🙂