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2nd motif bolero September 27, 2010

Posted by misscraftyfingers in Crafts, Crochet.
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I LOVE my first 10 square lacey shrug so much I had to make another one … in black! 😀

This one went a lot faster than the 1st one. I didn’t even have to look at the diagram anymore. 😀

I LOVE the pattern! I think I’m addicted to crocheting motifs now. 😛

Edit: Lots of you have asked for the diagram because you are having problems finding it. Here’s the link. It’s not my pattern! Credits belong to jessica-tromp.nl.


1. Cémouax - October 7, 2010


misscraftyfingers - October 18, 2010

merci! 🙂

2. Eleni - May 16, 2011

Please send me the pattern! I hsve been tryin to find it and I can not. This is so lovely!

misscraftyfingers - May 29, 2011

hi! just sent it to you to your email!

Cecilia - June 20, 2012

Were can i get the pattern? Pls!!!

3. Kath - September 22, 2011

This is so gorgeous! Any chance I could steal the pattern too? I’m thinking Christmas presents! 😀

misscraftyfingers - September 26, 2011

sure. the orignal was from jessica tromp’s website. but here’s a link http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6179/6184140605_4a825d13ee_o.gif

Kath - September 27, 2011

Thanks a million! 🙂

4. Mary - December 14, 2011

This is beautiful. I can see the graph but dont understand what all the symbol stictches are. Could you please explain each?

misscraftyfingers - January 5, 2012

Hi! you can refer to this website for the meaning of the crochet symbols.

5. Livia Moise - June 26, 2012

hi…can you send me the pattern,please?b_blondutza18@yahoo.com

6. Tamara - July 10, 2012

I love this shrug!!!!! But I am having ahard time finding the pattern 😦

Tamara - July 10, 2012

Can u please send me the pattern tmhookgirl76@yahoo.com 🙂

7. Diana - November 3, 2012

I would love to have the pattern. Please send it to me if possible.

8. misscraftyfingers - November 5, 2012
9. Karen - July 30, 2013

I would like the pattern for the 2nd motif bolero. The black can you send it to me. Please

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