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Hi, I’m Shirley.

My crafting interest started on 23 September 2009. It was when I discovered that I love to crochet. 😀 Since then, I’ve completed quite a few crochet projects. I can also sew but not very well.  I grew up watching my mom sew so I know some basic techniques. I have a pretty basic sewing machine, the Brother BM 3600. I’ve also learnt to knit since then.

My favourite hobby is crochet! It is such a versatile craft. I can make toys, bags, clothes, jewellery and so much more with just crochet. I learnt how to crochet from youtube videos and a blog by Teresa Richardson (Learn to Crochet – Free Instructions and Patterns).  If you new to crochet and want to learn, her blog and videos are a great place to start.

I also learnt to knit from reading a lot of knitting blogs and watching videos. Knitting is a lot more complex to me! But I’m glad I figured it out on my own.

These days I alternate between crochet and knot, depending on mood and inspiration. Keep crafting everyone! Be creative! Cheers!


1. Lenny John - June 28, 2015

I was all excited to have this site available to me especially when I saw the lovely flowers. So there I am trying to print The- FREE flower pattern Well taken again!!!!!! No matter which way I tried to print it—-No Luck–It would not print—Free Pattern? No way–I wonder if you will get this

misscraftyfingers - September 13, 2015

I don’t really see what the problem is. I wouldn’t know how the printing function works on your computer, browser or your printer. If you want to print it so badly, i’d suggest that you copy and paste the text from the pattern onto a word/text document and print it from there. Otherwise, you can always come back to the site and refer to the patterns directly from your browser.

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