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Pleated Crochet Bag – Part 2 (Completed!) January 13, 2010

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finally! the lining and zipper for my pleated crochet bag is done 😀

it was a bitch to sew the zipper onto the lining. i read a few tutorials online and improvised a little. my workmanship could be better, but i guess practice makes perfect. it was my first time sewing on a zip anyway. 😛

the lining and zipper were sewn using machine and the whole thing was hand sewn onto the crocheted work itself. my handsewing skills need more practice too. hehe. i usually sew better if i’m making the bag for others. if it’s my own, i usually do not care so much. LMAO 😛

here’s my work!

machine sewn lining …. double sided 😛 the crocheted bag was done in double crochet so if i used the flower lining, it may show through the stitches. so i used a dark blue lining on the other side 😀

attached zipper & lining! tough work!

The bag with a zipper! 😀

It is so roomy! i can put all my stuff and more!

now i can go sleep and have happy dreams! 😛

Pleated Crochet Bag – Part 1 (NEW BAG!) January 10, 2010

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So I decided to ditch knitting … pretty short attention span i have …. 😛
well, it’s really to rest my arms ….. the numbness freaked me out.

anyway, back to crocheting. i started this project about a week before i dabbled in knitting. after wasting 1 week practicing how to knit and purl, i finally got back to my crochet project.

I finally finished all the stitches last night. :D:D:D so tarahhhhhh!

the pattern is from Keito Dama’s No. 137 issue (page 91). It looks like the fat bottom bag i made for Eelaine. It’s the same yarn, but totally different pattern. It’s quite easy to make really. Basically just double crochet in back loops only for the body. It’s hdc for the bag brim … it’s modified, i don’t know what it’s called, but it’s not easy to do. So i used front and back post double crochet for the brim instead. It also made my bag deeper 😀 which I like because i like big roomy bags! I got lazy with the handles. There were so many stitches and single crochets take so long to build up. So, after doing 2 or 3 rows of sc, i got tired and switched to another 3 rows of HDC and finished the handles with 1 row of sc. 😛 much faster!

Initially, I tried to do this pattern with my own imagination because I couldn’t find the pattern and came up with this by looking at pictures of what others had done on ravelry and reading some of their tips & comments.

T_T see how the sides of my own pattern is not looking quite right? it’s too wide and bunched up at the sides. then …. after almost making the whole bag besides the handles (see above) … i found the pattern online. So I frogged the whole bag I did and followed the pattern I found online because I want THAT BAG! It was ALOT OF STITCHES to frog …. T_T

Well, the bag is done now. I’ve sewed the lining with pockets. Now I just need to stitch the lining into the bag ….. I think I want to put a zipper in for this bag. Gotta figure out how! :p


P/S: Many people have asked for the pattern. I’m pretty sure I’ve infringed copyright laws somewhere but click here for the link. I found it on the internet as well, someone else have scanned it to share.

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Fat Bottom Bags! December 20, 2009

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I found a wonderful bag pattern while browsing ravelry a while ago. It is the Fat Bottom Bag by Samanta Maragno. But ALAS! Her pattern is all in Portuguese. :(:(:( I couldn’t make this bag initially. Then, just a couple of weeks ago, I was surfing again and realized that Bend Beanies (Annie Bean) had translated her pattern into English! It’s brilliant! So I quickly set to work and made my own fat bottom bag :D:D:D


DJ Domo just had to camwhore with my new bag :p

Then, like the next day after I finished my bag, I realized that my friend Eelaine is going back to Malaysia for good after living and working here for almost 1.5 years. sniff.She saw the photo of the bag I made on facebook and said she loves it! So I decided to make her a fat bottom bag as well! It’s made with TLC :D:D:D


I made the pretty flower from the pattern by Teresa.

And here’s the girl who left loving her new bag 😀

It’s Monday morning and I’m happy so far. 😀