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Soft Sweet Bread Recipe September 28, 2014

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I think I found the best soft sweet bread recipe! I adapted it from this recipe. I made a mistake with that recipe and made some changes and came up with this bread recipe. So far it has yield soft fluffy buns which stays soft the next day! I’ve used it for loaves and sausage/tuna buns.

Mixing is done with a breadmaker. If you do not have a breadmaker, you can refer to this link on how dough can be hand kneaded.

Sausage rolls baked with Oven

Ingredients – added in this order into breadmaker
200 grams milk mixed with 3 tablepoons of milk powder
1 egg
340 grams bread flour (sieved)
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1. 5 teaspoon instant yeast
30 gm softened unsalted butter (added only after 1st cycle)

– After adding in the flour, place sugar and salt on opposite corners.
– Make a dent in the middle of the flour for yeast.

Tuna buns.

Sweet Bread Autocycle is used (approximately 3 hours 45 minutes) In this cycle, dough is kneaded 4 times, proofed and baked. If baked with oven, temperature is set at 165°C and baked for 25-30mins depending on your oven. Or until the crust is brown enough for you. You can glaze with egg or milk.

After putting all ingredients except butter into the breadmaker, start dough cycle. After first round of kneading, the machine will stop. At this point, put in the softened butter next to the dough. The dough cycles will continue. At the last dough cycle, you can choose to add into raisins/cranberries etc.

Cranberry loaf baked with breadmaker
When the dough cycles are complete, the breadmaker will start to proof the dough. At this point, you can either choose to leave it in the breadmaker and let it bake into a loaf. I find that dough proofs (ie, softer & fluffier) better outside a breadmaker so I usually take it out, let it proof and bake it in the oven. 😀
Cheese cubes, raisins, cranberries wholemeal loaf!

You can also add fillings and make sausage/tuna buns. To know how the shape buns, just search on YouTube, there are plenty of tutorials to help you. That’s how I learnt too! If you like wholemeal bread, you can replace 30 grams of the bread flour with wholemeal flour. 😀 Let me know if this recipe works for you!

Free form raisin loaf baked with oven cut into thick fluffy slices.