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errrrr … knitted porn anyone? :P July 1, 2010

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so .. i’m sick at home with the flu … and i’ve been knitting kitty kat amigurumis. I’ve made 2 already. This is a showcase of me having too much time on my hands …..

It’s a joke! laugh damnit!:P

hehe … okok. here’s a blissful version of the 2 kitties. awww 🙂

My first knitted amigurumi – Kitty Cat! June 30, 2010

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I’m not much of a knitter. I had just been practicing the basic stitches.
Today, I’m sick at home, so I decided to try a little knitted amigurumi (I’ve been a little crazy with crocheted amigurumi for the past couple of weeks).
Anyway, here’s my new kitty. It’s my first knitted amigurumi. Very cute, very easy and fast pattern from here.


I think it looks more like a squirrel from this angle. lol.

I think I stuffed the body a little bit too much that this kitty cat is fat like Chip. 😛

Knitted amigurumi is different from crocheted amigurumi for sure. I enjoyed it though. I think I’m gonna make another kitty cat! 😀

Domo Droid Story by MissCraftyFingers © June 28, 2010

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Domo Droid Story by Miss Crafty Fingers

You probably have to click on the file to see it. i’m not sure. 😛


My Little Crocheted Android v 2.0 June 26, 2010

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So i made a little android robot but i wasn’t completely happy with how it looked (wong colour, head looks different). i wanted it to look like the real thing. So, I made another little android. Here it is! 😀

And here’s the little guy dancing. My little raver robot. If only it has glow sticks. LOL. Maybe I should make a gif with glowsticks. 😛

See next post for droids in action with storyline. hahaha.

My little crocheted Android June 21, 2010

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This will probably only interest Android fans.

So, as you all know, I bought my first Android phone and I love it. And I think the little green robot is damn cute. lol.

I decided to make this. Wrong green I know …. but it’s the only colour closest to green I have in my stash. I I guess I’m a geek somewhat. 😛

the original robot looks like this: