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How to paint your own Burberry’s nails March 17, 2010

Posted by misscraftyfingers in Fashion, Makeup, Tutorials.
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If you like Burberry’s and nail art, you may like this tutorial. 😀

What you will need:

  1. Base coat
  2. Top coat
  3. Main nail colour in preferred shade of beige
  4. Nail art paint in black and red.
  5. Thin sharp tipped nail art brush (if your nail art colour doesn’t come with built in brush for application)


  1. Study the pattern & colours of the Burberry check pattern. 😀
  2. Prep your nails. (file, shape, remove cuticle, moisturize)
  3. Make sure your nails are clean and dry.
  4. Apply 1 coat of basecoat.
  5. Apply 2 coats of main beige colour.
  6. With the black nail art brush, draw 3 thin black lines across the top of your nail.
  7. Then, draw 3 thin vertical lines on the on the right side of your nail.
  8. Next, with the red nail art brush, draw 1 vertical thin red line on the left of your nail.
  9. Then, draw 1 thin red line across the bottom part of your nail.
  10. Finally, apply 1 coat of top coat.
  11. If you have accidentally gotten nail polish onto your skin, clean it off with a cotton swap soaked with nail polish remover. 🙂

Quick demo: These are pretty badly drawn (not the original ones I drew). I even got some paint on my skin. 😛

Note: Remember to allow the nail colour and nailart paint to dry before proceeding to the next step. Also, if you prefer, you can also fill in the squares at the intersection of the 3 horizontal &  the 3 vertical lines and also the spaces between the black lines (study the pattern above :D) with white nail art paint! This is achievable if your hands are really steady! I did mine without the white. 😛

If you have never tried painting your own nail art before, it may take some practice for your hands to get steady. Also, if you are right handed, painting your nails on your right hand with your left will be rather challenging. Vice versa for left handlers. 😀 I’m right handed, so take a look at my nails.

Nails on my left hand, painted by my right hand so they look pretty alright.

Nails on my right hand, shoddily painted by my retarded left hand. 😛

But, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! The more often you try painting nail art, the easier it becomes. 🙂

have fun!